Unicorn Afterlife Directed by Justin Perkins

Unicorn Afterlife is a full-length puppet performance that borrows from the languages of dance, drama, cinema, illustration, and fairy tale to tell its story. The story begins in a black void in which fabric billows and haze drifts. This is the Unicorn Afterlife. A figure appears in a golden robe and offers a dead unicorn a bargain: it may choose to return to life, but it must first revisit three moments from its past and judge whether it deserves to live again. Along with the Unicorn, we visit Ancient Greece, Medieval Europe and contemporary USA and the lives of people touched by the legend of Unicorn: a man leaves his home to seek it, a woman is pressed into service to hunt it, children tell stories about it then grow up and forget about it. From its deathly void the Unicorn watches this millenia-long story unfold, and finds the choice isn’t as simple as it imagined.

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